Bluefin Guesthouse Cheap nice room Wifi Bangkok

Or guesthouse is a traditional, relaxing, and quiet guesthouse in Bangkok

If you are looking for a quiet, friendly and relaxed atmosphere in Bangkok, look no further. With rooms at 280 baht per night (380 per night if you are a couple), per week (10% off), and per month (30% off),and for double room weekly rate is (10%off) and (40% off)for the monthly stays. you just can't find a better deal these days.

There's no noise at night, like-minded travelers or long-term dwellers sharing space, and an amazing nighttime market with food at 30-45 baht per meal. In the morning as well, you walk out the ally to find stalls and shops with delicious breakfast options at the same price.
The public thai river boat (15 baht each ride) stops just a 10 minute walk away, at pier Phayap, and you've got public bus 14 (choose between fan and air con coaches at 8 and 12 baht each) that will take you straight to Victory Plaza (20 min) where you can easily hop on the Skytrain to Sukumvit area or Siam. Also the 30 bus down to Khao San (a mere 10 minute ride). Plus more...The city is yours from here.
Worth mentioning is the communal kitchen space, with appliances for heating water (free water here all the time), cooking rice, making a stew, plus a microwave, blender and toaster oven. You are made to feel at home here. Laundry service same day by yours truly Ms. Noi, and new clean sheets throughout.
Thai style for sure with an international family, the vibe just couldn't be better at Bluefin.
Come and check it out, as soon as you come to Bangkok.

We offer an authentic home-stay experience right in the heart of Bangkok. We are a small guesthouse down a quiet street, and attract people who wish to stay short or long term. Live like a local and experience the real Thai lifestyle with us.

We are a 12-room guesthouse for backpackers, students and budget travelers intending to stay a day, a week or much longer in Bangkok. We do not cater to families with small children though. We have toilets on every floor, and we do have a private shower area. We only have fan rooms.

We are right next to one of the most popular local night food markets in Bangkok, Si Yan. As a result, we don't have your typical farang restaurant as its just a 2 minute walk to many roadside stalls and cafes which all serve really cheap and amazingly delicious Thai food. Also some local spots to watch a sports game, and Starbucks if you must. Bring some food back with you as we provide everything you need in the communal kitchen area.

We are just a short bus-ride into the heart of Bangkok (the #14 bus to Victory Monument is 20min and from there the BTS runs on the Sukumvit line). Just two boat-stops from Khao san road, we are far enough away to make sure that your stay will be quiet, yet still as action packed as you would like. On a lazy day, a taxi ride to Sukumvit or Siam or a beautiful wat is easy. We are a walk away from the Sam Sen train station where every train stops on it's way north of Bangkok. We can show you where to swim with the locals or play football as well.

If you're looking to stay in an authentic teak house with a local community, then the Bluefin Guesthouse is for you. Come see for yourself how relaxing our home is. Currently we are taking a lot of time to restore our home into a very beautiful and relaxing place for foreign guests after new ownership, and we look forward to your visit.